Yes, you’re right, this day’s situation is not good. It’s no good at all. Many people around the world are frightened, confused about this mysterious virus called Coronavirus.

Unfortunately we cannot predict the future but I want to be positive as possible as I can. Even if this virus never stop yet, even if doctors made some mistakes or undervalue it at the beginning, please be positive.

You have to or this thing can degenerate in a really bad way. And we don’t want that, right?

Currently I live in Italy, third country most hit by covid-19. Am I scared? A little bit yes, of course. Two days ago I went out on the street and I perceive a bad heavy climate in the air. People around me looking each other with suspect and a little bit of fear. Supermarket are empty, it’ incredible. I was walking and when the women in front of me saw that I was coming close to her she turn quickly towards the wall covering her mouth like I was a monster. It was terrible.

I understand the fear but please don’t freak out. Just stay at home or avoid crowed places if you can, wash always your hands, be healthy and take vitamins if you want, so your body can stay strong. One more advice? It’s right watching tv and listen to news about the virus but maybe not in every moment. You ruin pointlessly your day. Stay with your beloved, watch a movie, listen to your favourite music and eat a lot of delicious food. That’s it.And remember, Be Safe, Be Fashion!